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Here at STRONGLIFE in Lithia / Tampa Florida, we have the privilege of being part of many people’s personal journeys towards a long term healthy lifestyle through weight loss. Along those weight loss journey’s, there is so much more that goes into it than just being diligent and dedicated to fine-tuning your nutrition and other lifestyle habits. There is a personal journey that takes place full of vulnerability, insecurities, and fears. One major fear being – maintenance.

“Will I be able to maintain all the weight I have lost?”

“I’m scared that I’ll fall right back into old habits.”

How much do those statements resonate with you? Does it come from past experience of losing weight, then gaining it all back? Is it because you’re currently near your goal weight, and have never been in this place in your life before, and don’t want it to all be for nothing?

If so, we hear you. We understand those fears, and want to be your partner that reassures you that you CAN overcome those fears. During weight loss, there are key skills you tap into and develop that are unique to that phase of your health changes. Some of those will be an asset to you the rest of your life, while others will evolve just as you evolve into the maintenance phase. So here are 2 main skills it takes/took to lose weight, and what they might look like come time to maintain your success, and most importantly, maintain your health!

1. Your Big WHY

This will relatively, always stay the same.

It ALWAYS comes back to your WHY. It takes so much tenacity to keep your bigger picture WHY at the forefront of your weight loss efforts, and can definitely get lost during the day-to-day challenges that come with life AND weight loss. This has been, currently is, or will be your biggest motivator to keep you going, keep you improving, and keep you adapting, until you reach your weight loss goal and reach the lifestyle you’ve always imagined.

Picture it though, you’ve reached your weight loss goal, but more importantly you are LIVING your bigger WHY – whether it’s being able to play with your grandkids on the floor comfortably, being able to ride a rollercoaster just like everyone else, or you finally feel confident walking into a work meeting or social gathering.

Well, what now? You want to keep feeling that way, and continue doing those things, right? Your personal WHY will always be the reason for WHY you have the lifestyle you have. It’s that simple. Will the motivation itself feel different, sure. There isn’t so much of a push to get there, because you’re there!

But you can find new ways to be grateful for your WHY’s, new ways to appreciate your WHY’s. Maybe take a moment each week to journal about them, make a short list each day of why you’re grateful, what you appreciate about your body, what you plan to do, and the things you CAN do because you lost weight and improved your health.

2. Saying “NO”

This will look different.

Let’s face it, there are sacrifices that you make in order to lose weight. That is a pure fact of changing habits, changing mindsets, and changing your health. Which means, you’ve strengthened your “no” muscle QUITE a bit. Am I right? Are they rewarding sacrifices? Most of the time, but they are hard at first. Only until you get used to your new way of living that you’ve dreamed of for yourself.

Part of the reason why weight loss is so rewarding is because you dream of having the things you’ve limited, or eliminated for that period of time. But, cue the fear. How do you start saying “yes” without going overboard and regaining the weight?

Well, let’s think of what it takes to develop that “no” muscle. Saying “no” gives you the power and ability to create and set boundaries you feel are important. It also takes planning! As a result, the more success you have because of your ability to create those boundaries by saying no and having a plan, is confidence. Confidence in yourself! Now, what should that look like for maintenance? Take your newfound confidence in your ability to create boundaries, and PLAN. Plan how often you say “no” and how often you say “yes.” Once you reflect on how that new frequency has impacted the scale, then adjust if needed – viola! You find a new balance between the two, and a newer sense of confidence in yourself to maintain your weight!

Here at STRONGLIFE we actually have a carefully thought out process and unique plan for each of our weight loss patients to help them during this phase! We slowly but surely work with them on progressively increasing their calories and carbohydrates to slowly increase their intake to each week, as well as experiment with how often they say “yes” to certain foods and treats! Helping make this less stressful, less fear laden, and instead, leave them feeling more confident in themselves!

“I hope that you found these tips as valuable as my patients have over the years. If you’re interested in a patient-centered process that takes into account all aspects that affect your health, then I would encourage to visit our website at to see how we help our patients improve their health and to find if you are a good candidate for our weight loss program.

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