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Weight Loss program of StrongLifeAt its most basic level our weight loss program is a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carbohydrate eating plan designed to put your body into the natural state of nutritional ketosis by eating the highest-quality foods available.

Nutritional ketosis is the state you achieve when you enter a fat-burning state. It is an exceptionally healthy way to create the conditions your body needs to stay healthy and age well. It is quite a shift from the typical American way of eating—which is notorious for its excessive refined grains, sugars, and low-quality fats.

As you will see, the foods that make up a ketogenic lifestyle are delicious, satisfying, satiating, and absolutely energizing. Once you make the switch to burning fat as fuel you will be free of hunger, cravings, and any feelings of deprivation that accompany the vast majority of “diets”.

Program Highlights

  • Weekly Body Composition Analysis
  • Weekly Nutritional Consultations with the Weight Loss Coach
  • Detailed Explanation and Packet of Eating Plan & Lifestyle Modifications
  • Access to Carefully Selected Dietary Products & Supplements
  • Access to Private Facebook Group with Fellow StrongLife Weight Loss Members
  • Potluck Social Gatherings

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The Science Behind The Program

Ketones are energy molecules that are a source of caloric energy in the body that are used by the brain, heart, and muscles in the same manner as is glucose (sugar). They are produced in the liver as a by-product of fat metabolism when—owing to extreme restriction of dietary carbohydrates—insulin, blood sugar and liver glycogen levels are very low.

Ketones are a brilliant evolutionary adaptation that provides a critically important fuel for your body and brain during times of food scarcity. Without ketones, you wouldn’t be able to live more than a few weeks without food. Ketones are also an important component of a ketogenic lifestyle as their presence indicates that you are burning fat as your primary fuel instead of glucose.

Whenever your supply of carbohydrates from food is low or nonexistent, even after just a couple of days or so, your body is able to convert fat to ketones. This metabolic flexibility is an important reason why the human race has been able to survive; it helps up adapt to a wide variety of food sources.

When you are fully Fat-adapted and Keto-adapted, your muscles burn mostly fat for fuel, while the ketones produced by the liver are prioritized for use by the brain. The brain is a huge energy-demand organ (it’s around 2% of your total body weight, but the brain burns 20-25% of your daily calories!) that cannot burn fat and must burn either glucose or ketones. Ketones and fat (since the burning of these two caloric energy sources always go hand in hand) help minimize the inflammation and oxidative damage that come from eating the modern grain-based high-carbohydrate diet.

When your body receives limited carbohydrates, it can’t utilize glucose (sugar) to supply all your energy needs. As a result, your body’s fat cells will be broken down by your liver to produce ketones (a.k.a. ketone bodies). Your body will then utilize those ketones to fuel your body’s energy demands.

Many people consider a ketogenic lifestyle a low carbohydrate eating plan like Atkins. Strictly speaking, while an Atkins lifestyle can be ketogenic, it has traditionally emphasized low carbohydrates and high-fat (regardless of the quality of the fat source) while Modified-Ketogenic Diet emphasizes getting your body to have higher ketone levels. A Modified-Ketogenic Diet should be viewed as a healthy lifelong eating strategy rather than a rigid weight-loss protocol.

There are four factors in play when it comes to being successful on a Modified-Ketogenic Diet.


Short for macronutrients. This is what makes up the food you’re eating – protein, carbs, fat.


How much are you moving your body on a daily basis? Are you exercising most days? Walking a minimum of 10,000 steps each day? Or are you mainly at a desk chair and the couch?


Do you get a solid 7-9 hours every night? Or are you up into the wee hours? Waking up in the middle of the night tossing and turning? Are you waking up rested each morning?


How would you rate your daily stress levels? Low, moderate, high?

Unique Benefits of the STRONGLIFE Weight Loss Program Include…

  • Lose 2-5 Pounds of Fat / Week
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Brain Function
  • Stable Blood Sugar
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Improved Cholesterol
  • Improved Sleep
  • Naturally Suppress Appetite
  • Physician-Monitored Support

If you are someone who has tried diet after diet to lose those unwanted pounds without long-term success and wish you could begin a weight loss program that delivers fast, consistent, and safe results, DON’T WAIT! Don’t miss this opportunity to change your life today. You deserve to LIVE LIFE STRONG! You will be guided every step of the way to do things right, proceed at a sensible pace, and to never struggle, suffer, or backslide. You will learn exactly which foods to introduce and eliminate from your diet and why.

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